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Your work is unique.
Your website should be, too.

I design custom, editable websites for artists so you can get more customers while staying in control of your site. No more plain WordPress themes that you slightly edit. No more Shopify themes that look like everyone else’s. Totally custom design, even easier editing.

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Preserve your Memories

I built the first memorial site for my grandfather, Les Anderson. His adventurous spirit, worldly travel, and love of life are all reflected on this site, and the reaction from family and friends was amazing! Everyone loved it and wanted one of their own, so WasLoved was born.

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Anderson Photos

Anderson Photos

New & Old Photos

When I discovered thousands of my grandfather’s old photos he’d taken around the world, I decided to share them in his honor. Every day, I post two new photos online: a 35mm slide from my grandfather, and a new photo from me. Once a week, I update this site with the new photos.

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It's me, Nathan Anderson

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I’ve been building websites for 7 years, and what I’ve come to realize is that artists are being underserved. You deserve an affordable, eye-catching site that attracts your ideal customers and reflects your style—not just a drag-and-drop template that looks like everyone else’s.

As a designer, photographer, and writer, I love working with other creatives to make something that is as unique and accessible as your art is.


I build my own things. Some of them work and some don’t. I also take a lot of photos and give them away for free online.