What the in the world is going on?

September 22nd 2019 | an interesting Sunday

Yeah so what am I even doing? That's a pretty interesting question most days. I feel this need to share, even though I never really feel like I know what I'm doing. Not completly. Even this, right here, has no grand plan for what the heck I'll do tomorrow but I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Today an artist named Caden reached out to me via Unsplash and asked if he could use some of my photos of foxes I've taken for his drawing references. These drawing are incredible. It's that kind of stuff you look at and can't even imagine how to draw if you've got zero illustration skills (like me). What I also like is that Caden dives into exactly this on his youtube channel. That conversation ended up making me me think of how deep my imposter syndrome is, and has alwyas been, with photography.

My photos have never felt like somehting I've had a firm grip with how to do my best work. It's always changing and evolving every trip I take. If you know me, you've prbably heard me talk about this way too much.

I was thinking though: does it really matter? How good my art look through my eyes is always going to be in my head. No matter what I do.

I miss having more conversations like I had with Caden today. Hopefully me sharing my photos and sharing more things in general will change that.